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Attention Prospective Puppy Families:

 If you are not adopting from Nessa Gier, from Unionville, Missouri, then you are not adopting one of our big blue babies!

We are not affiliated with any other breeders in any other state!! (We have several wonderful breeder friends, but they make no claims to be Dogwood Danes)

Even though Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, please be ware of scams!!  

Nessa Gier


This is a photo of Amira. She is a Dazzle/Adonis daughter. It has been brought to my attention that this photo has been used to scam puppy families

through a rather elaborate scam, where a breeder is listing puppies for sale, when you contact the breeder, they refer you to another breeder.

Then these photos (Amira and Alani) along with two photos of a thin puppy on a trampoline are sent. 

The names are given as Debra (trampoline puppy) and Marvin (the two photos below)

Money orders are requested, and the new families wait at the airport with the shipping info provided. 

No puppy ever arrives. 

Please be well aware that there are scams out there. Paypal or Visit the puppies in person! 

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